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About Us
About Us

Thesi Draseza Aulona,       
19011 Attica GR

T/+30 211 101 66 70


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A31 Objects is a partnership of specialized professionals who come from the fields of architecture, design and construction.

Our team was brought together by our vision to create an alliance that will allow talented Greek designers to fulfill their potential by challenging the restraints of a timeless and unsurpassed material: Concrete, as well as its evolutionary successor, High Performance Concrete.

Its sculptural and moldable qualities have provided us with the ideal raw material in order to experiment and create small and large objects that are characterized by their archetypal forms and functionality.

The fusion of knowledge and experience resulting from our different backgrounds, led us to our ability to conceptualize, design and produce unique objects, pursuing the delicate conjunction of art and craftsmanship.