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Praxitelis Kondylis

Architect and Designer

Praxitelis Kondylis was born in Athens, where he works as an architect and designer. He studied Architecture and Interior Design in Budapest and Barcelona. He is the founder and the principal architect of A31 ARCHITECTURE and the Creative Director of A31 OBJECTS. Through his work as a designer he redefines archetypal forms by using abstraction, functionality and constructive honesty as his main tools. Inspired by his heritage, he makes use of innovative materials while covering modern needs. His architectural work has received several Greek and International distinctions and Awards, including: the Award 'Best Hotel Interior, Greece', in EUROPEAN PROPERTY AWARDS 2018, Award in Domes Awards 2018, Special mention in Architizer A + Awards 2016, “Best Project of the Year 2015” in Archilovers, Honorable Mention in Domes Awards 2014, Distinction in Architectural Awards 2013 by the Hellenic Institute of Architecture, Finalist in Architizer A + Awards 2013 amongst others. His work has been published and exhibited time and again both in Greece and abroad.

Yiannis Ghikas


Yiannis Ghikas was born in Athens, Greece. With his background encompassing Computer Science alongside Design, he employs functionality as the ultimate purpose of his designs, while explores their potential emotive responses. He sees design as a process of satisfying needs either tangible or intangible. His “Monarchy” stool has received the red dot design award (2009). He has worked with companies like Feld (Belgium), Objekten (Belgium), Miniforms (Italy), Convex (Greece), the Industrial Gas Museum/Athens, Paraschute (Greece), Hiro (Italy), Marubun (Japan). His work has been exhibited internationally.