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Use & Maintenance Manual
Use & Maintenance Manual
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Use & Maintenance Manual

High Performance Concrete is a fundamentally natural material. All natural products showcase features and particularities that make them unique.

Colour variations through the surface, micro cracking and apertures as a result of the natural maturation process, give this special aesthetic to concrete.

The material keeps changing over time and though its use, while small differences from object to object may occur, since all of our products are hand - crafted.

Mechanical / Thermal / Chemical Resistance

The H.P.C products demonstrate high hardness and endurance, although sharp objects and abrasive materials cannot be used on it because they could cause permanent damage.

It is recommended  to use cutting pads and to avoid direct contact of sharp objects with the surface because they could damage the protective layer.

H.P.C is durable in high temperatures, but for the maintenance of the quality of the surface it is recommended to use suitable pads while placing a hot object on the surface.

H.P.C, like all the porous materials, is protected with a special sealer exclusively developed for this type of concrete that protects product in it’s structure.

H.P.C demonstrates low water absorbance and is resistant in acidic substances that can usually be found in households (vinegar,wine, juices, e.t.c). Nevertheless it is recommended to avoid the exposure of those substances on the product surface for any time  longer than 6 hours.


We advise you to follow the instructions bellow to ensure long-lasting product life.

-Avoid contact of sharp objects with the surface.

-Avoid direct contact of hot objects with the surface.

-When acids spill on the surface of the product remove them immediately with a damp cloth or sponge.


Clean the surfaces with a damp cloth/sponge and a detergent, then rinse.

Never use rough sponges and chemical cleaners.